Finished Films

Finished Films

Hi guys! Thanks so much for stumbling onto my finished films page.
Here you will find my finished and incoming films on this page

I hope you enjoy them!

Serenade to Miette (2011)
1st year Calarts Film

 Set in the late 1930s era, Milo - a street magician eyes for the notorious beautiful illusionist, Miette. However, a mafia man and his gang aims for the same trophy, and causes problems towards Miette's performance. Can Milo turn roses into doves for the one he seeks for?

The film took a semester of planning and pre production, while the next semester was production time. The animation was all hand drawn on paper, and scanned where it was digitally colored.

 Bullies and Coat Hangers (2010) 48 Hour film entry
A boy is troubled by a certain peer. He finds a coat hanger that calls his attention. Will the boy be able to man up against the bully with an unusual weapon? The film was made in Flash, in a time amount of 48 hours.