Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Film characters 2

Here's I guess the promotional picture for my film?
With a new goldren retriever character that plays an important role

Oh and here's a random animation practice! Scott Wright, my animation teacher is awesome and totally motivates me - but I swear to god that guy is up to... something.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sketchbook update Jan 13 2011

Playing with shapes and designs, especially in the random car thumbnails.

Now that the break is over, I really need to push things...!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Animation - Small Tests + Finding a language

Here are some animation tests from project DF.

In character design, I sat stayed around after class with my classmate Leon, who was showing his film character designs to Rik Maki. I was listening to the conversation, and I remember hearing Rik Maki telling Leon to find a language that works for him, and possibly him alone. Find a language of your own in drawing...
Scott Wright, my animation teacher did mention the same thing when it came down to animating characters, where he gave examples of how other people he worked with animated, such as some would draw the contour straight on, some with the exact construction of how the model sheet shows, and some just started all the way back to primitive shapes.

So yeah, I need to have MORE structure in my work.

So I did some animation tests of my own to find a language that kinda worked for me, which was in order
1. Animate the wild gestures
2. Animate basic shapes such as spheres, boxes
3. Go back to each frame and add more complex shapes
4. Go back to each frame and animate smaller details such as eyes, mouth, hair, etc.

Background for Jimmy

Starting to color backgrounds for that Jimmy animatic I did a while back.
Also, here are some drawings from good the old Serpent's concept.

Speed paint practices

Here's a speed paint I did a while back and forgot to upload.
I've been practicing in become a lot more diverse in colors, and experimenting with the idea of choosing and blending earthy with none earthy colors to make things feel more natural and alive... I dunno, hah.

Visual Development... or speedpaint, concept, I sometimes lose track of the difference because the way I approach these things is mostly the same So all in all, they feel alike to me.