Frequently Asked Questions

What software did you use for your films?
For my first year film Serenade to Miette (2011) I did all the animation traditionally on paper with graphite pencils. I scanned all the frames into Photoshop, and made sure each frame were alpha channeled (meaning some parts were hollow/transparent, and some were fills). I would then import each frame into the video layers in Photoshop, and color the scans on a separate video layer. All this is done in ones, and is then remapped into twos or threes (depending on the timing I planned out for each shot) when imported into Adobe After Effects.

For Crayon Dragon (2012), I decided to do the rough animation, cleanup and coloring all in Adobe Flash. This was better for me because of the instant playback (instead of animating traditionally where you have to constantly shoot your tests).

The backgrounds for both films were done in Adobe Photoshop. Both the animation and backgrounds (The comping process) were all done in After Effects. The shots are rendered individually and imported into Final Cut Pro, where the whole film is rendered with sound and music.


  1. Hi Toniko, I was wondering if you could put more background information on where you came from before Calarts. I'm a big believer in 'it doesn't matter where you came from all that matters is where you're going', but I was curious, because I wanted to go to Calarts, I live in Australia, but haven't even applied, and Oz is pretty close to Indonesia... If you're not too busy would you mind? Thanks, Jasmine

  2. hello I am a fan of yours toniko
    I saw the video are great Toui would like to know what program do you use?

  3. Hello Toniko! I am one of your fans, I really love your art and animations. Long time ago I have found one of your test videos on a site, I think it's name was Dusk's Flight lip syncronization. Can you please leave me a link to that animation? I could not find it anymore and I am really sad about it.