Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Accepted to Calarts


I have been accepted to the Calarts Character Animation Program. I have to say I am quite proud of myself, and it looks like the hard work paid off.

If I do get accepted to the Sheridan animation program, then I will also have to say that I will be quite proud of myself, and look at all the hard work... that will pay off.

Work is hard and hard is work...

whichever way, it pays off.

Anyways, sweeee.


  1. the hardest way, to get hard work to pay off, is to work hard on work so that work will pay for YOU. Only then can you be truly proud of yourself and your hard work that will finally pay off. It's just something I have to say...

  2. Though not all the time, and not only it can work that way. You can work very hard on something, and that work will have the outcome of something you don't want. You can work very hard on something, and for some reason, it'll not give you the money for your everyday meals.

    To me, feeling proud is something accomplished internally. A personal obstacle. Working hard is experience, and pushing that boundary further. Working hard is learning from his/herself, and learning from others.

    We define hard work as many things. Doing things outside of your comfort zone, or what you are only instructed to do, or working unnecessary amounts of times procrastinating on a project. Is it hard work, or is it just bad time management? We simple tire ourselves out not giving our best performance. We've all been guilty of this, who hasn't?

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  4. Lol the night is still young