Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art direction for Jimmy

Currently, the first one is pretty much the decided style for Jimmy's adventure.

The short will retain a paper n' pastel feel with the use of textures and drawing styles of the background.

Most of the environments include locations set in South East Asia, but there will be places set in Eurasia, the middle east, etc.

If I feel like it, I will add the cut out 1 minute of the full song by Utada Hikaru, adding places from Europe. (I have images in my head of a chocolate castle in Switzerland, the canals of Venice, and a French mansion covered with roses and mirrors)

I came up with the descriptions for the characters
Jimmy (the tiger cubscout) is referred to the 'little Asian tiger that explores the world'. He's supposed to be Singaporean Chinese. Jimmy is raised by a Bear Master Scout, who's Canadian. Jimmy likes to think he's a bear at times. His real parents are a mystery, but I added pictures of them in the animatic. He is a big fan of his foster dad (the bear master scout), Steve Irwin, and Indiana Jones. His dream is to become a master adventurer.

Miki (the siamese/birmese cat) is descent of Cambodian, Thai, and Burmese blood (though she was born in Burma). The flower on her head is sometimes made fun of because she's a girl, and stereotypically she wears a flower clip by her ear. It's supposed to represent a symbol of her royal heritage in Cambodia, but decides her dream is to climb the highest mountains on foot.

And so I drew a sketch of them when they reach their dreams


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  3. **Toniko man I love your characters for real. Keep it up man!

    Hey man not a lot! Worked my ass off outside all summer and now I'm working on digital painting heh. Hope calarts treats you well buddy and I look forward to more posts :3

  4. whoaa these are freakin awesome man