Monday, October 18, 2010

The bird and the... underwater thing

 Here are some more character design assignments! The assignment was a beautiful girl (in other words, hot dayumn babe) and another character that was.. ugly.

Was watching a few musicals while drawing this.

and the owl is so influenced by my classmate Jason Reicher.

Decided to design a hero for this concept


  1. Great job Toniko! I love the owl - cooler than anything I can do. And how wonderful to have made a slight influence to you. It works well in your style

  2. good job there dude..looking forward for more works and your film ^^

  3. lolloololol is that sum raep in 4th pic lol

    omgomgomgomg ur lines r so clean now

    p.s im totally drawing tons of pics of ur hawt girl char

  4. Jason: thanks bro! all your characters fucking rock anyways

    Carmen: Thanks! You guys have to keep me updated with Sheridan!

    Jason (the shoop da woop one): Right, and give them more tear shedding action.