Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My 48 Hour Film for Calarts 2010 + Hints of future projects

The theme was coat hanger... At first, I was like "Hell no - this thing is stupid and super time consuming where I'm at now."

Here is my 48 hour film for calarts 2010
Bullies and Coat Hangers

I don't know how it evolved, but I soon spent most of the weekend finishing it. Crunch time... lovely.
I'm pretty happy that I did it because I got to see the technical issues I faced during its creation before I start production on my first year short film - which is currently under the project name:

"The Irreplaceable Milo" (aka Tale of the Illusionist)

I honestly cannot tell you what it will be about right now, since I am currently following a rule I made for myself, which is never give away a project unless I am sure of it's completion. All I can say is that this one is simply about Illusionists. The one I stated is what I am spending most of my attention to.

"Faisal" (aka Until the end, I stand resolute for you)
is a film idea I have that I would like to work on for my fourth year (this will propably change sometime), which is about a loyal dachshund, it's master and a wolf that walks beyond mirrors in a library.

There's of course the completion longing for "Jimmy" which I will color someday... and then there's an idea I recently conceived called "Behind Turquoise Eyes" which is about a bird that teaches a bird woman to fly. So many ideas, but so hard to choose the right one. It's just some ideas I like to express out


  1. That coat hanger is seriously rocking the house :D

  2. hahaha awesome film, can't wait to see the other films develope. keep kicking ass!

  3. coool! what program did u use?

  4. Yah what program? And also did you use cintiq or wacom or sort to animate this? Thanks for sharing.

  5. For the program I used Adobe Flash 8... and I own a Wacom Intruos 2/3 (i cant remember, but its definitely not 1 and 4)