Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Animation - Small Tests + Finding a language

Here are some animation tests from project DF.

In character design, I sat stayed around after class with my classmate Leon, who was showing his film character designs to Rik Maki. I was listening to the conversation, and I remember hearing Rik Maki telling Leon to find a language that works for him, and possibly him alone. Find a language of your own in drawing...
Scott Wright, my animation teacher did mention the same thing when it came down to animating characters, where he gave examples of how other people he worked with animated, such as some would draw the contour straight on, some with the exact construction of how the model sheet shows, and some just started all the way back to primitive shapes.

So yeah, I need to have MORE structure in my work.

So I did some animation tests of my own to find a language that kinda worked for me, which was in order
1. Animate the wild gestures
2. Animate basic shapes such as spheres, boxes
3. Go back to each frame and add more complex shapes
4. Go back to each frame and animate smaller details such as eyes, mouth, hair, etc.


  1. Wow it's looking really great

  2. These are the shit toniko!! you've improved a lot :o

  3. yooo these are sooo bad ass, how long did that first one take you?

  4. Wow this looks amazing! I'm impressed bud! What program did you use to make the loop-around animation? I've been trying to figure out how I can make one of those for kicks! :P But wow Toniko I love the last shot of your character with the shotgun. Very expressive indeed! :)

  5. Thanks guys! Really means a lot of have your support!

    Ricky: The first one took a couple of hours to a bunch, when I mean a bunch I mean half the day. I think that's also without looking at youtube videos of amusing people pissing off their cats. It's probably one of the hardest thing I animated too, since I tackled this with straight ahead animation, keeping in mind with foreshortening and some facts that apply to talking heads. I screwed up on the last frames as you can see, like the mouth and the head are too exaggerated to feel subtle and natural for a talking character.

    Eduardo: Yo bro, thanks! I used Flash to do all the animation work, and the coloring - but when making polished animated gifs, don't use it :P. I would use Flash to animate and color everything, then export those into individual frames and animate them in Photoshop (Photoshop and it's animation window) to make good quality gifs. Flash isn't great for animated gifs because it screws up with the colors, like the shot gun shot, the guy is supposed to have brown hair and his skin was not supposed to shift to pink :P

    You can also animate in Photoshop too!

  6. Haha, stop making everyone look bad, Toniko!

  7. It's all about finding your own language. In simpler terms it's all about your process, how you think and how to translate that into your work.

    The more defined the process the easier time you have expressing an idea.

  8. For Sure German! I'm still exploring different ways to see what I can get from different results, and the results I'm getting are quite interesting.

    Elyse (Cuttlefish): I got a Pass in 2d Animation ;) and I do have a weakness in doing more exaggerated tings.

  9. i've been trying to find my "own language" too lol these look great toniko i love the last one!!

  10. Thanks so much Chris, yeah I've been so inspired by your stuff lately! Miss Sheridan..

    Elyse: and wow my post didnt finish. I was pretty much saying how talented everyone is in our batch, and everyone is pretty much insane with what they are up to. You too Elyse, so keep it up. To make everyone look bad - thats simply impossible for me.

  11. Wait, you can animate in Photoshop? How??? :O

  12. Yup! In photoshop, click Window then animation. There should be some sort of frame timeline that pops up somewhere below it. its really weird to use it but yeah just experiment with it

  13. Hey im just Curious, Is this project still something your working on, or something you just have put on hold. I ask because, I found an old swf on my computer, and I think it was an early wip of this or something, anyways it freaking amazing, and I started searching around for info about it, and there's nothing really there, so yeah, Im just curious if its something that is still in the making or if its just gone.