Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here are some character designs from Andy Suriano's class. We had to design a milk carton, a pear, and a banana. The pear and the bananas were easy to think of, but the milk cartons - sons a bitches.

The milk carton guy is hard because he's just angular and straight shapes. As you can see in these milk carton drawings - I was really just trying to get shapes and gestures down - no construction.

Early sketches of the characters
The Banana guy is based off those rap artists in the early 90s with their tall cuts.

Oh yeah, me and my pal Gabe were trying to figure out how to simplify or caricature the animator Glen Keane. I think his was the most successful (if he bothers to upload it online). Here are mine done in Sharpies.

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  1. Hahaha... the milk carton guys turned out amazing tho, they look very intriguing :)
    banana and pear look great too!!
    i thought the banana guy was farting at the pear lady at first :p