Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cursed Chronciles

A drawing I did for a friend in Indonesia!


  1. Nice colors!!! Im so jealous of your photoshop brushwork.

    Im missing life drawing too.... so much. I dont draw a lot -___- But I keep trying to get the habit to draw more!

    Lets say Im really excited of going in france!

    What about you, Where are you? California or Indonesia?

  2. Thanks bro! I need to get down and dirty to traditional stuff more instead of Photoshop. I'm trying to keep the same habit too of getting to draw more.

    I'm here in Indonesia until the 19th of August, then I fly to California. When do you fly to California? You better be excited for France, you'll do awesome things there!

  3. Thanks again :D It's an honour recieving gift art from you haha
    Keep at it Tonikooo


  4. Very nice piece. I like your use of color too!

  5. Holy crap Adam Temple!! Thanks man!! I love your blog bro!