Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joined Artists... 3!

Joined Artists...

This is the website I have to thank for making me want to go into the animation and movie field as my primary goal. 2 years ago, this website died down, and during those times I moved to Canada for a year and tried to get into a couple of schools. It's a great website, mostly for animator's though - but if you're an illustrator and need some critique, it's an awesome place to get other mouths heard.

Anyways, here's what I've been doing recently for that place!

Here's a couple of characters made in Joined Artists 2 (the old site.) Mine is in the middle - he's from my Dusk's Flight concept.

I contributed a page for the box man zombie collaboration. It is what they call a "popcorn" type of game where one artists draws a page, then the next draws the following. It all started with unicomics, a user in JA3 and from what I know at this point, this is the latest page.

Made my character spin. Spin round right round.

Tribute to Hanna Barbera on the second hand

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  1. Thanks Toniko for adding me! :D Your blog looks awesome, loving the artwork man. Will definitely be following you, I want to see more of your CalArts adventures!