Monday, December 3, 2012

more wolf and naive kid

I should be exploring more on this kid's face.

I was told my wolves looked too manly at this point (since I'm aiming for something a bit more motherly) so I took a stab at it again. I was given some notes on how to achieve feminine looking wolves by being more delicate with the straights vs. curves on them. The offset fur on the side of the face resembled mutton chops of a human, and the thick eyebrows I had was too masculine.

So some of the headers I got were to make the legs more skinny and delicate, smaller feet, smaller neck, a more softer shaped body and a softer shaped head (noting bigger craniums - similair to human heads for females)

Up to now I'm still having problems. I don't think I've solved the problem yet - but I feel like I'm heading in a better direction. If it ends up looking too feminine and delicate, I'm afraid I'm going to lose her character. We shall see how this goes! Designing characters and making character statements was never my forte, but I'd love to be stronger at it.