Monday, December 24, 2012

Walking Mouse

Based off a drawing a classmate of mine did. I asked
if he could design some sort of mouse character
because I wanted to do some performance animation tests featuring a mouse,
a needle, a wheel of cheese and some sorts. Here's the first pass at it.

I definitely had a lot of fun animating his design - he comes up with really appealing characters!
I should scan in the designs once I have more performance tests!
Here are my studies of his designs.

  Ali is a very talented character designer. I wish
I had some sort of character design skills...
Check out his blog!


  1. Awesome!!
    Gah loved the Moonrise Kingdom tribute below too! n.n
    (I feel the urge to animate in Flash now :3)

  2. Thanks Rossi man!

    Flash is always a great tool, though I'll be playing with tvpaint for the next stuff soon!

  3. Hey Toniko, I can't wait for you to let me do some final lines on some of your work.

  4. Well done. I'm currently learning to make perfect walk cycles too.