Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Figure Drawing

Back for another year in school! My official first class was actually Film Workshop, but I actually started work within my new figure drawing class. I really enjoy it so far because I think it will give me more time to really enjoy quick poses, at the same time focusing on form! As you can see, I'm very rusty with my life drawing right now, so I really need to teach myself to get back to it properly. I hope this year will be a better year!


  1. I really like the proportions on your first page of sketches! One book that helped me a bunch was Michael Hampton's "Figure Drawing: Form and Invention." You can download the pdf for free. It gives a great method for simplifying the figure and understanding the basic shapes of different muscle groups.

  2. Oh wait a second. I have that book LOL

  3. niice, first class back was lifedrawing here too, and it was therapeutic to say the least. As usual your work is really fun to look at