Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jesutaruuu + 11 Second club

I have been drawing a lot of gestures lately, and it feels great. I have to admit, my motivation of drawing kind of died down when I was in second year, but I think its been very meditating in a way, but still retaining the challenge of getting down what I see as quickly as possible.

The biggest challenge and goal I need to work on for this year is probably solidifying my drawings. It's either I lack the understanding of structuring things, or that I'm a lazy son of a bitch to even fix the drawings. Its good to hear people say I'm the lazy one... Kind of. But in all fairness, I really do need to treat my work a bit more academically- especially when it comes to traditional animating.

I forgot to mention I participated in the August 11 second club.


  1. Ah good GOSH man! Not only are these observational studies great... but congrats on your 11 Sec Club entry! That was awesome - so subtle and sincere n.n

  2. Thanks mannnn!! Haha, though I really do need to figure out the whole construction thing out!