Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ghost and the rose

Actually, the name of the blog title is from a game I love called "Secret of Mana". Besides that, these are just character designs I'm experimenting for an upcoming pitch. This year is so different because I am clueless in what I want to do for my final short.

I've also been playing around with a Selkie for a film idea too. It's just a thought, but I think girls are so hard to animate and portray, even if they are somewhat animalistic. Still thinking, wondering how my peers will find it when I propose some of these ideas I have in mind.

I can't draw animals to save my life.

And here's a bit of me... A cartoon version of myself for Phil Rynda's character design class. Yeah I don't really wear great clothes anymore since I bike uphill to school nowadays. Man, I need a car pretty badly.


  1. How was the class? He was here at the animation festival but I didn't get to gooo! :(

    1. We've only had one class, but knowing Phil he seems to be a very cool cat.

    2. You actually know Phil? That's so badass! Does he teach at CalArts too?

  2. I know this post was back in September, I'm a little behind on blog reading. I really like the idea of the Selkie for a film. It's a fresh idea that hasn't really been explored. I think your animals look fine, but know what you mean, I have the opposite problem. My animals look great, my people look bad. I'd love to see more about that Selkie idea though. :D